Coworkers working on productivity for their office

The best strategic ways to boost your office productivity

Office productivity matters. And, even more important to remember, you can influence the productivity of your employees. In fact, here are six simple things you can do to boost the productivity of your office.
A business woman reviews her data security checklist.

The SMB owner's checklist for data security

Every so often, a media outlet reports on a major data breach affecting a large corporation and hundreds of thousands of consumers. But just because the media only reports on the large data breaches doesn't mean SMBs are safe from being targeted. In fact, it's typically quite the opposite.

How cloud solutions can make your life easier (and more mobile)

The key to making your business a success doesn’t lie in being busy. It lies in creating a productive environment for yourself and your employees—whether you’re working alone, collaboratively, in the office or on the road. Because the more you can focus on your goals, the more likely you are to hit them.